Playing Golf in Costa Rica is always unforgettable as you dip into impressive nature scenes:

With its six outstanding 18-hole golf courses as well as a same number of 9-hole properties it is considered to be a small, but indeed an exclusive inside tip. Boasting with 30 adjacent National Parks, tropical rainforests, volcanoes and precious beaches are just the perfect frame for an unforgettable roundtrip for each golf-enthusiast and their companions. The exclusive hotel offer ranges from the cherished and small Boutique Hotel up to large, renowned and international luxury hotel groups. With no doubt, all this will provide you the most exclusive and remarkable stay while enjoying golf.

A Costa Rican golf experience might also be perfectly combined with further Latin American countries as well as the Caribbean. Despite of its unknown fame, its neighbouring countries like Panama in the south and Nicaragua bordering in the north, offer a perfect infrastructure, two, still undiscovered golfer spots. Popular golf destinations like the Dominican Republic and Mexico are just a 2 hour flight away and suit perfectly into transnational golf experiences, a field we are specialized in!